Upgrade your Mac’s audio quality on the cheap with this app

Any music lover dreams of having the ultimate audio equipment but not everyone has the budget to fulfill such dreams. However, thanks to new technologies you can upgrade your Mac’s audio quality for less than $10, which sounds too good to be true. But it is.

An app called Boom 3D for Mac has been specifically designed to improve the sound quality by boosting the power and various parameters for a more realistic output.

Boom 3D relies on an innovative 3D Surround Sound technology which makes it able to simulate a studio quality 5.1 sound that comes through your headphones or computer speakers. You can use powerful equalization options, but also adjust the intensity and bass via the dedicated sliders.

There are also presets for various genres, so you can enjoy the best audio settings regardless if you’re into hip-hop or classic rock. The stock MacOS volume controls are intuitive and straightforward – there’s no arguing that. However, Boom 3D offers more advanced playback controls. For example it comes with an App Volume Controller from where you can adjust the volume of every application from the same place, which is very convenient to say the least.

Furthermore, the app comes with a mini audio player that lets you listed any song with 3D playback – just drag and drop the track on top of the player and prepare to be amazed!

Boom 3D also includes some interesting audio effects such as ambience, night mode, and spatial, plus its settings make it easy to switch between your audio output devices.

If you’re interested in trying the app watch the video below to find out more details:

Boom 3D for Mac comes with a free 15-days trial and if you decide to purchase it, the app will cost you $16.99 for 2 Macs or user accounts, or $29.99 for up to 5 Macs or user accounts.

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