Privacy Policy

DRMFREEAUDIO.COM is focused on delivering quality content to our readers but also allow them to communicate with each other and share their own ideas and materials. By accessing and using DRMFREEAUDIO.COM you acknowledge and agree to the practices described in this Privacy Policy.


DRMFREEAUDIO.COM collects only personal information that is needed for our website’s functionality as well as optimization of existing features and services we may add in the future.

The following types of information is collected by DRMFREEAUDIO.COM from its users:

User-submitted information – the information you provide to us is stored on our website. It is your right not to provide us with certain types of information but you may have limited or no functionality for some of our website’s features.

Membership registration – registered users can post comments, share their own materials and participate in discussions. To create a user account you will be required to provide certain details about yourself such as your name, email, bio, website and instant messaging IDs.

Automatically-collected information – Some types of information are automatically collected by DRMFREEAUDIO.COM when you interact with it. This is known as “traffic data” which includes your IP address, cookie data and the requested page. We use this information to manage our website, analyze its usage and to troubleshoot technical problems.


Our website relies on cookies to collect non-identifiable data from our visitors. Cookies are stored on your computer via your web browsers and contain data about our website’s traffic and usage patterns.

Most web browsers allow you to prevent cookies from being stored on your computer but keep in mind that if you disable them some of our website’s functions might not work properly.

The third-party advertisement companies we work with to display ads on DRMFREEAUDIO.COM may also place and read a cookie on your browser or collect other types of anonymous information via web beacons that allows them to serve more relevant ads.


Since DRMFREEAUDIO.COM values its community we provide various methods through which our users can explore and share information with one another. However, DRMFREEAUDIO.COM will never share, sell or rent your personal information to anyone outside our authorized staff.

We may also provide access to some of your personal information to authorized contractors and consultants if it is needed for running and managing DRMFREEAUDIO.COM.

Depending on how your registered user account settings, some of your personal information may be displayed on your user profile. Nevertheless, you have full control over what is displayed.


We secure registered user accounts with passwords and standard encryption methods. Users have the responsibility to protect their accounts against unauthorized access by ensuring no one else can access and use their login credentials.

We will never share your private information with anyone except our employees that require such data in order to perform a specific job.


In order to register on DRMFREEAUDIO.COM you must be at least 13 years of age. Also, we recommend minors between the ages of 13 and 18 use our website only after they’ve received their parents’ permission.

If DRMFREEAUDIO.COM finds out one of our registered members is under the age of 13 we will be swift in deleting their information.


DRMFREEAUDIO.COM may perform changes to this Privacy Policy at any time and at our sole discretion. All changes come into effect at the time they are published.

Also, we may but are not obligated to notify users regarding Privacy Policy updates.