How to choose the best video downloader


With so many online videos, there is plenty of content to watch but what about those times when you don’t have an Internet connection. Before you choose the best video downloader for your own needs you must take some key factors into account.

This is extremely important, especially because there are thousands of video downloading apps. Of course, most users pick one of the most popular products and that list is significantly shorter, but still, these apps can have similar capabilities and it’s important to know what sets them apart.

How to choose the best video downloader

So how do you choose the best video downloader? It turns out you need to look at several criteria, mainly the friendliness of the interface, ease of installation and setup, pricing, supported websites and output formats, download speed as well as support, especially if it’s a paid product.

At the moment, the most popular video downloaders are Freemake Video Downloader, Keepvid, aTube Catcher, and SaveFrom.

Luckily, all of these apps are free so we don’t really need to look at pricing. However, you should also know they’re all add-supported – some of them bundle offers inside the installer while others display them on their websites.

When it comes to setup, aTubeCatcher, and Freemake Video Downloader are Windows desktop applications. SaveFrom (, and KeepVid are online tools so you don’t need to install them on your computer. However, they do provide browser extensions which are optional but useful since they allow you to download videos without having to go to their official websites.

Regarding their graphical layouts, it’s safe to say all of them are easy to use although some have UIs more polished than others.

As I already mentioned, KeepVid is an online tool and it’s add-supported so besides the URL field and download button, the rest of the interface is populated with ads and there’s also a “Buy Now” section for those who would rather use the app instead of the web service. Other than the fact these elements can be distracting there’s not much to dislike.

Freemake Video Downloader is perhaps the most polished video downloader application. The interface is clean and lists the most recent downloads as well as those currently in progress. It also provides useful shortcuts for opening the folder where the video was saved or start playing it directly.

aTubeCatcher is also a desktop app and its main window has a purely functional design that provides all the options in a single place. There may be no eye candy elements but you have to appreciate the fact you can customize and control all your video downloads without having to visit multiple menus.

On the other hand, SaveFrom’s website provides the same URL field and download button as KeepVid but in a clutter-free layout even though they also display ads.

All of the above-mentioned video downloaders provide support for the most popular websites and social networks although Freemake Video Downloader has the largest list of supported sites, followed by KeepVid and SaveFrom.

When it comes to downloading speed, you can expect to wait about 1-3 minutes for downloading short videos using any of these tools. The speed difference becomes noticeable for long movies, TV shows and other similar types of videos in which case we recommend Freemake Video Downloader. However, aTubeCatcher and SaveFrom also seem to provide fast video download speeds.

Since we’re talking about the best video downloaders, it’s not a surprise they offer downloading videos in qualities ranging from 4k to 144p but also conversion options. Nevertheless, it seems aTubeCatcher and Freemake Video Downloader bundles the richest sets of output options.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to choose the best video downloader once you know what they can do. You just need to find the tool that’s suitable for your needs. If you need more advanced output options, we recommend aTubeCatcher. If you don’t want to install an app in order to download videos, both KeepVid and SaveFrom make excellent options but if you want a highly capable video downloader wrapped in a modern and intuitive interface that also provides some of the fastest download speeds then you should choose Freemake Video Downloader.


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