How to batch convert stereo audio files to mono using free software


When it comes to audio files, in most cases stereo offers a superior listening experience compared to mono. However, there are some situations in which mono would be the better alternative. If you have a large collection of stereo audio files you want to convert to mono, processing them one by one is not the most practical approach.

Luckily, you can batch convert stereo audio files to mono using free software and we’ll show you how to do it quickly and easily. In those cases when stereo files haven’t been recorded properly, the shifting of the sound in your headphones can be annoying and converting them to mono is the simplest solution.

Batch convert stereo audio files to mono using free software

To batch convert stereo audio files to mono using free software, we’ll use an app called MP3 Quality Modifier. Obviously, it’s a free application and the first step is to download it on your computer. You can get it by visiting the link below:

Download MP3 Quality Modifier

Extract the contents of the downloaded archive and run the executable to launch the app. It’s a portable tool so you won’t need to install it.

Before anything else, it’s worth mentioning you can perform other audio editing operations in batch mode with MP3 Quality Modifier. It’s truly a handy tool to have, although for the purpose of this guide we’ll be focusing on stereo to mono audio conversion.

The app only supports MP3 files so the first thing you need to do is load some. To do this, just select the files and drag and drop them on top of the application’s interface.

In the Modus menu located at the bottom left section of the window, select “Mono”. Also, make sure the check box next to Modus is checked.

Assuming you don’t want to perform any other changes on the output files you can just go ahead and press the “Process” button. It’s worth mentioning the default parameters will be applied to all the files, even if not all of the original files have the same values.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the app allows you to tweak various parameters such as bitrate and bitrate mode, as well as the sample frequency.

After you click the “Process” button, the app will batch convert stereo files to mono and save them to the selected output folder (by default, a folder called output will be created on your desktop).

Once the conversion process is complete, a screen such as the one above will be displayed showing all the output files along with the size difference between them and the original files.


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