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Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology allows content providers such as artists and record companies to protect their proprietary music or other data by encrypting digital content and attaching usage rules to it. These rules determine the number of times the content will play, the type of devices upon which it should play, and so on.

Recently a woman lost in court over $222,000 to the music industry for illegal mp3s. Lucky for you DRM Free Audio is committed to offering you ways to get 100% Legal DRM Free MP3s. You can read more about Woman Faces the Music at CBS News.

There is a number of labels and artists that have began to sell MP3s for download on the Internet without DRM protection allowing the buyer the freedom to play the audio on any MP3 compatible device or program without worry of violating laws.

Removing DRM

If you already own musical MP3s that you bought and they contain DRM protection that prevents you from freely listening to the music on all the devices and platforms that you own there are DRM Removal software that's available.

Getting Legal DRM Free MP3s

If you are concerned about illegal downloading and file sharing, prefering to legally acquire your music there are a number of services that offer large selections of legal, DRM free MP3s for your purchase.
According to an AP report, Yahoo is still working out details but plans to offer DRM free MP3s shortly.

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